gf_yamato (gf_yamato) wrote,

The Terries

Интервью с замечательными Терри Джонсом и Терри Гиллиамом на Еврогеймере. (видео)

Usually when we interview celebrities about videogames, they claim to like them. (...) So it made a nice change to interview Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam - two famous people happy to say they couldn't give a toss, are only in it for the money and don't even really understand how the whole thing works.

Eurogamer: Are you both on Facebook already, or have you really no idea what's going on?

Terry Jones: No, I've no idea about Facebook actually.

Terry Gilliam: We're very lonely old men.

Terry Jones: People say, 'Will you agree to be a friend?' or something like that, and I always do accept.

Terry Gilliam: Do you?

Terry Jones: Yes. But I never do anything with it, I never chase them up or anything like that.

Terry Gilliam: We believe in anti-social networks. That's what we're fighting for these days. A chance to be alone. Now that's the thing - can you be alone on Facebook?
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